Ich muss nicht rausgehen und Stufen springen – Shane O’Neill Interview

Hi Shane, first of all, my roommate told me to ask you, if your Berrics New Years clip was really first try?
Yeah, it was first try. I mean, there are some sketchy tricks in there.

After this start, what are your plans for 2014?
At the moment, I’m just going on trips for Nike and doing demos and signings. But I’m filming on a Thrasher part. It’s a part for Thrasher, Skate Mental and Monster. They got together and wanted me to film something for them. So I continue after the Nike video and film another part.

When will it drop?
Probably in a few month, cause already in between the Nike video, I got to film for that. It’s cool to continue from filming, like so heavy for the Chronicles part and then just go on. It’s good, good time.

You have to do stuff for your sponsors, film videoparts, get magazine coverage, skate Street League. Where is your focus? Is a videopart still the most important thing for you?
Yeah, for me it’s videopart only. A videopart is the only important thing. Demos and signings are pretty easy, I’m just skating around, but a videopart is hard and I don’t want to do the same stuff again, every single time. I wanna try to progress, to make them better and better. And contests, I’m not even a contest skater. I like Street League, but that’s just happening. When I turned pro I got in there and I have a good time there. It’s good to learn new tricks and get out there for my sponsors. But for me, it’s videoparts. When I look back in the end it’s gonna be like: What did I really do? Kickflip Frontboard every single contest – who really cares? I don’t care.

Kickflip Frontboard every single contest – who really cares? I don’t care

But has skating in a contest like Street League changed your skateboarding? Do you practice certain tricks, to do well in the competition? Like the Switch Double 360 Flip, did you learn it as a special secret weapon for Street League?
I could always do that trick on flat and I just started doing it down stairs. Then I did it in one Street League and everyone was stoked, or something. Pretty much Street League is good for skating in general for myself, cause I see what everyone’s doing and how crazy it’s getting. It helps you to push yourself and get better, and that makes your videopart better. You have to choose wisely which tricks you do. Some people do the same tricks over and over again, but I try as much as I can not to, cause it probably get’s boring for everyone to watch.

You seem to be able to do every possible trick. Are there trick you can’t do?
Yeah, there are tons. The regular tricks work, but when it comes to techy ledge tricks, there are tons of tricks I can’t do and won’t be able to do, but I don’t know which ones in particular.

Is there something in your mind, you want to learn in the next time?
Lately I’ve been skating a lot of transition. I like the look of people just flow around and doing little Backside Airs. I just wanna be able to do that. Just for fun. That’d be cool. I hope I get more comfortable with transitions.

In your Nike Part you skated a few flatbars. Why did you choose them, cause it’s not the most common obstacle for a videopart?
That’s just my favourite thing to skate, it’s the best! It’s way harder then a ledge and then handrails are a totally different thing. They are really painful. So i try my luck at the flatbar.

I guess you also have to choose the tricks for a videopart wisely, cause you can’t kill yourself in the first week filming and then be injured for a year.
Yeah, to some extent, but the way that I like to skate, or the way I skated since I was a kid, didn’t bring me in a position, where I have to skate a 25 stair handrail. I just have a good time skating, I don’t have to go out and jump down stairs. If I do that, it’ll be once a year, just for the video. But yeah, when I want to have stuff like that in my part, I choose wisely when I do it. But I like to skate ledges and smaller stairs. The other stuff is just like a rush. It’s just adrenalin. I’m not trying to break myself of, just to do a switchflip one extra stair.

I’m not trying to break myself of, just to do a switchflip one extra stair

What’s the best thing about skateboarding for you?
Not having to do, what anyone want’s you to do. You can skate the way you want, no matter what. If you want to skate a miniramp forever, whatever. There’s no saying how to do stuff. It’s up to you.

I liked the song in your Chronicles Part. Did you choose it?
Yeah, I chose it. I had a few other songs in mind, that could have worked, but it get’s a bit hard to get the music rights and I really enjoy that song and The Cults is a cool band. It worked out a little different then everyone elses, but I like it. That’s why I’d like to have a shitload of more videoparts, cause I don’t want to have them all the same.

What is your favourite music in general?
I’m into a lot of different styles of music. I like The Shins, they have a cool vibe. I like a lot of rap music, too. I like Kendrick Lamar, he brings new styles to hip hop. I listen to old rappers, too and what they have to say. J-Zay and stuff. People probably don’t like this one, but I like Drake, he also brings a lot of different styles. I just listen to so much different shit. I like Pink Floyd. I like all of there music. Shit’s timeless. I also love the Beatles, i have a huge disc box of them.

Do you have a favourite song from a videopart?
I like Heath Kircharts song.

Nights in White Satin or the song from his Workshop part?
Both are amazing. I watched his Tranworld Part just the other day. It’s still fucked up!

Are you a big Heath Kirchart fan?
Yes, definitely! Anyone has to be! He’s insane. One of the first videos I had, was „Sight Unseen“. I had it on VHS and it will always stuck in my brain. It’s crazy.

Last question: What are you up next?
I‘ll stay in Berlin till friday and watch the European Skateboard Awards. Hopefully one of my homies wins. And then I hope I come back in summertime, to film for that Thrasher thing. Apart from that, I go to Australia next month, just travelling.



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