Expedition One am Ende?

Expedition One verlieren fast ihr ganzes Team

Ist Expedition One am Ende? Schon Anfang des Jahres (im Februar) ging es los, als Zered Bassett das Team verlassen hat. Auf Instagram postete er:

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Ihm folgte Anfang Mai Tom Remillard, welcher sich ebenfalls bedankte und ein wenig mehr schrieb, ebenfalls per Instagram:

Thank you @expeditionone @welshington @chany1 and the rest of the team for taking me in at a turbulent time and giving me the opportunity to turn pro and be a part of such a badass team I leave with love and Thanks.

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Gestern hat dann auch Joey Pepper das Team verlassen. Er gab dies ebenfalls per Instagram bekannt, schrieb aber einiges mehr dazu, was vermuten lässt, dass er der Firma wohl nicht so gut geht. Er schreibt davon, dass er seit sechs Monaten kein Geld mehr bekommt, die Firma aber nicht deswegen verlassen hat, sondern weil man weder seine Nachrichten noch seine Anrufe beantwortet hat:

Thought about doing this so many times recently. Stopping each time to rethink. Then send a text. Make a phone call. Send another text. Another phone call. No answers, and no responses. Only lies and empty promises. I don't want to let my teammates down, don't want quit something we've put so much into. Don't want to let down all of the people who've supported. But then why quit? If no one in charge cares to answer or simply be transparent then why am I quitting? Not because the checks aren't showing up, if that was the reason I would have done this six months ago. Besides feeling betrayed and feeling like a fool for sticking it out for someone who obviously doesn't give a shit about the heart and soul of his company. I quit because I can't do what I love to do, while representing a brand that I no longer believe in. I don't want my name attached this anymore. It was good while it was good and I'm thankful for the teammates who've made it fun. This is one of the harder decisions I've had to make. Part of me just wanted to walk away quietly and be nice, part wanted to quit like the flight attendant who slid down the emergency slide with two beers in his hands. But in the end I just want to say what's on my mind and move on to something that'll make me smile. ???? @expeditionone

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Seinem Beispiel folgten dann Frankie Heck:

I'm with @joeypepp. Unfortunately I feel the same way. I'm out…????

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With everything that's happened, good or bad. I really feel the need to give thanks to @chany1 @mattdaughters @welshington they helped me in every way possible, I definitely wouldn't be where I'm at without all you guys! Such good times and memories over these 7 years being on @expeditionone. I guess all things must come to an end. Cheers to the good times boys!

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und schließlich auch Spencer Hamilton:

I no longer support @expeditionone ✌????️ | @joeypepp said exactly how I feel about the situation so I'm just gonna use his explanation.

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Wie es bei Expedition One weiter geht, können wir nicht sagen. Wir lassen es euch aber wissen, sollte es News geben.



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