Pontus Alv auf Converse

Nun ist es offiziell. Nachdem Pontus Alv vor kurzer Zeit seinen langjährigen Sponsor Emerica gequittet hat, bekommt er sein Schuhwerk ab jetzt von Converse bereitgestellt.


Die Wahl seines neuen Sponsors begründet Pontus wie folgt:

„Converse is a classic brand with a rich history and background. I have always been a fan of classic,
timeless stuff that never grows old or out of fashion. I recently ended my relationship with my former shoe
sponsor and I started to look around. I only ride and represent companies that I personally like and believe
in, so the list was really short. I chose Converse because they share a lot of the same ideas and visions
that I have. A sponsorship is about building a good relationship and platform together where ideas and
creativity can become a reality. Over the last ten years I have been on a personal mission to give back to
skateboarding, inspire others and show different angles on what skateboarding can be about. I am still going
full-speed in this direction and I can’t see myself stopping anytime soon. Together with Converse and
their support I am sure that we can create some radical and inspirational things together for our culture.
Giving back to skateboarders will always be at the top of the list and my main drive.“



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